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Why Online Courses Don't Work

We've all tried an online course where we watched a few lessons, got bored, every minute you watch feels forced and you're not learning anything so you left it unfinished and think "Someday, I'll finish it". 

Our Method

We believe keeping you interested to learn is also our responsibility and the best way of learning is when you're engaged and inspired.

Ditching the boring classroom style, we're bringing bachata in a new, entertaining way. Using storytelling and mirroring, we're bringing our courses alive, so you learn as much as you would in-person.  

How It Works:

1. Engaging Delivery

We don't believe in just giving you information. We want to inspire you and keep you engaged so you get the most out of the courses with the way we deliver our teaching.

Additionally, we also implement:

  1. Moving camera that focuses on relevant parts and angles.
  2. Props to illustrate concepts such as tension so you know the 'feeling' you should replicate.

2. Foundation Over Steps

Instead of focusing on the 'steps', we focus on helping you understand the bigger picture:

  1. 'WHY': understand the idea behind each movement 
  2. 'HOW': how to do a movement properly so it feels and looks nice
  3. 'WHEN' you can use it to match it with your partner and the music
Allowing you to be creative and enjoy dancing rather than being stuck memorising 'steps'.

3. Feedback & Interaction

  1. Instructor feedback to work on so you know what you need to improve to get to the next level. 
  2. Earn badges as you progress through the course, participate in quizzes, and post your work for a chance to win a prize. 
  3. Earn a completion certificate at the end of the course

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About Kevin S Tsai

I love bachata and I'm also passionate about learning and knowing what makes people learn faster and effectively.
I've done more than a hundred online courses on different topics and I've helped experts sell their knowledge online.
My goal for is to create content that won't just teach but inspire and motivate you to become the best dancer you can be.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Kevin is one of the best bachateros in Sydney. He never stops investing in himself to improve his dancing and expand his repertoire. I love dancing with Kevin for his gentle connection, playful musicality, and presence. He has taught me so much about responsive following, musicality, and body movement.” ― Rhiannon
“Kevin’s passion for bachata exceeds expectations and he goes above and beyond to understand and perfect the art of bachata.” ― James
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